Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Welcome to the Move With Pilates blog!

I will use this blog to pass on information about activities at the studio, eg, new classes, or changes to the timetable, and also to have a bit of a chit chat about stuff (pilates-based of course!).  I will  also blog articles and anything else that I think you will find interesting and which I hope will inspire you with your pilates practice, both in class and in day to day living.

At the studio this week there is a new reformer class starting on Wednesday at 6 pm - there are still a couple of spaces left.  The next 6 week matwork course for beginners and back care starts on Thursday at 5 pm - this class is already full.  Antenatal matwork classes - these are just not happening because its impossible to get a time to suit everyone so antenatal and postnatal clients are attending the general classes - matwork and reformer - with the necessary modifications!

I hope you enjoy reading the blog and I welcome your comments and feedback! 

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